Celebrating 160+ Years

HMS Conway School Ship 1859 – 1974

The club exists to foster social relationships between former cadets of the training school ship HMS Conway. If you are an Old Conway and not yet a member we would strongly urge you to join so you can get back in touch with your old chums.


HMS Conway

‘Our Old Wooden Mother & The School’

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Captain Neil L Smith RD AFNI 1963-65

Welcome to the Web site.
We are now entering our second year of the CONWAY CLUB WEB SITE. Last year I encouraged you to join the site and explore it. You will now find changes that have taken place since we went live, the Webmaster has continually been adjusting the site to embrace new circumstances and conditions. The minor problems incurred, as in any new venture, were easily and speedily overcome. I am pleased to see the Conway Cruising Club has now been added to the site.
There are many links to other sites and we can also be reached from a number of these sites.

The important benefit of this site is, that the Club can very quickly post important notices for you, the members.

A case in mind is the forthcoming AGM and Dinner in Llandudno this coming October. I am pleased to say that the numbers so far, are exceptionally good. I might add that only a limited number of spaces remain for the unveiling of ‘’The Window’’ at Plas Newydd.
The ‘Falmouth 4 Orders’ event in 2022 is also well advanced and again the spaces available are rapidly diminishing. Regretfully only a limited number of Conway’s have indicated that they wish to attend.
Details of both these events are on this site.
Update: Sadly the ‘Falmouth 4 Orders’ event has had to be cancelled Dec2021.

As we slowly overcome the Covid restrictions I am hoping to see Branch Events resume and this is the Platform to announce them.

Use the Site to its full advantage and keep abreast of what is happening in your Club.
Stay safe.