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Join the Club to keep in touch with OCs around the world. You will also have access to the online version of the twice yearly issued full colour CADET MAGAZINE featuring articles and news about OCs and events around the world.

If you are an OLD Conway but haven’t yet registered on this site, please do so first before purchasing membership. If you are an OLD Conway and are ALREADY a member of the Club but have not yet registered on this site, please do so first. Your membership will be verified and when done so you will be granted access to the membership areas of the site. If you have any queries then please contact the Honsec.

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Please note membership is restricted, see the main DESCRIPTION below.

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The club has approixmately 1,400 members:

  1. Full membership is open to those who completed a full course of training in HMS Conway. Individuals who failed to complete a full course may be admitted at the discretion of the committee.
  2. Full AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP of the CONWAY CLUB shall be open to recipients of Conway Merchant Navy Trust grants that have completed their full sea-going training, leading to certification
  3. The Committee shall be empowered to elect as ASSOCIATE MEMBERS persons who apply to join the CONWAY CLUB who have a strong association with HMS CONWAY
  4. The Committee shall be empowered to elect as HONORARY MEMBERS persons who have at any time been closely associated with HMS CONWAY or with the CONWAY CLUB.
  5. Former Members of Staff of H.M.S. CONWAY who completed at least two years’ service shall be eligible for election to STAFF MEMBERSHIP of the CONWAY CLUB.