Branch Contacts

The Conway Club has branches throughout the world established for the furtherance of social contact. They operate as independent organisations and there is no structural, legal or financial linkage between individual branches and/or the Conway Club e.g. the Conway Club Officers and Committee have no management control over branches. Some are “joint” branches with members from Conway, Worcester, Pangbourne (CWP) and General Botha.


The Club Committee members for 2022 are:

Tom Mason (58-59) PP
Matt Burrow (72-74)
Nick Hambleton (63-66)
Michael Reeves (56-59)
David Pye (62-64)
Neil Grayson (71-74)
Paul Heaver (66-71)
Conrad Blakey (56-59) IPP
John McCaughrean (50-51) PP


President: Neil L Smith (63-65)
Vice President: David Fawcitt (67-69)
Vice President: John Noble (62-64)
Hon Secretary: Steve Barnet (65-68)
Hon Treasurer: Rob Tubb (67-70)

For more information about your Club’s Officers, Committee members etc, please see the current issue of the CADET.

Honorary Vice Presidents

David Fletcher-Rodgers (44-45)
Haydn Lockwood (46-47)
Tony Braithwaite (47-49)

Honorary Chaplin The Rev. Simon Douglas Lane


The first President of the Club was Major Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams GCMG CB (1880-83). He was President for 11 years. After his time in the Ship he went to sea in the clipper Knight of Snowdon.

In 1878, after five years at sea, he came ashore and joined the army as a Lieutenant in the Royal Scots Regiment. His life then became a mirror of empire. In 1884 he was in the Border Police in Bechuanaland and later commanded the British garrison there. In 1893 he was caught up in the conflict with the Matabele and commanded the British forces’ advance from Bulawayo.

He fought and beat the Matabele army at the battle of Sengazi. Joining forces with two other columns, the Matabele were finally defeated and he became Resident Commissioner in Bechuanaland. During the Boer War he commanded the Town Guard in Mafeking throughout the siege. He was nearly killed by shelling twice and one occasion he was buried in the rubble of his office when a shell burst overhead. After the war he became Governor of the Orange River Colony. In 1911 he was made High Commissioner for Cyprus and then Governor of Queensland (1915-1920). He laid the foundation stone for Brisbane City Hall. He service was rewarded with the KCMG, CMG and CB. He was returning to the UK from Queensland when he died of pneumonia in Cape Town on April 12th 1920.

2019 to dateCaptain Neil L Smith RD AFNI 1963-65 (President)
2017 to 2018Lt Cdr Conrad Blakey OBE RNR RD (56-59)
2013 to 2017Chris Smith (58-60)
2010 to 13T Mason Esq (56-59)
2006 - 09A Smith Esq (64-66)
2003 - 05Capt DNB Nutman MNI (50-51)
2000 - 02Commander J W H F Dickie OBE RNZN (39-42)
1997 - 99J F Sheldrake Esq JP (52-54)
1992 - 96Captain L J Thompson MNI (39-41)
1991 - 92Captain A J R Tyrrell (42-43)
1986 - 90Captain L J Thompson MNI (39-41)
1983 - 85Commander T Kinloch-Jones RN (24-26)
1973 - 82Captain D T Smith OBE RN (42-44)
1969 - 72Captain E Hewitt RD RNR (19-21)
1959 - 69Captain W H Coombes CBE, RNR (Hon) (07-09)
1949 - 58Air Chief Marshall Sir Richard E C Peirse KCB, DSO, AFC (05-07)
1941 - 48Captain SS Richardson OBE, RD, RNR (1891-93)
1935 - 40Captain Sir Horace Edward Headlam CSI, CMG, DSO, FRGS, RIM (1879-81)
1930 - 34John Masefield OM, LL.D (1891-94)
1921 - 30Admiral Sir Sackville H Carden KCMG (1869-70)
1910 - 20Major Sir Hamilton Goold Adams GCB (1871-73)