The Cadet magazine seeks advertisers.

It is issued twice a year in the spring and autumn to the 1,400 members of the Conway Club. The majority of members live in the UK.

The membership profile might be characterised simply as “retired naval officers” but more specifically their profile includes:

  • 1,400 members aged 60 plus
  • Most are retired
  • The vast majority are married
  • Resident in the UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Maritime interests
  • Strong connections with Merseyside and Anglesey with approximately 10% living in the area

There are regular reunions of old boys.
Many individuals visit Plas Newydd, Anglesey the home of their alma mater for weekend visits. These visitors need suitable accommodation ranging from hotels, that can accommodate 20-60 people to B&Bs. All members have the usual insurance and financial advice needs.


Advert sizes and costs for a two issues are:

Full A4 page £600
Half A4 page: £500
Quarter A4 page: £400
Eight of an A4 page: £300

There are significant discounts for advertising in multiple issues. For more information please email our Hon Sec here.