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JoIn the Club to keep in touch with OCs around the world and to receive twice yearly copies of the full colour 30 A4 page The Cadet magazine featuring articles and new about OCs and events around the world

Please note membership is restricted, see the main text below



The club has just over 1,700 members:

  1. Full membership is open automatically to men who completed a full course of training in HMS Conway. Individuals who failed to complete a full course may be admitted at the discretion of the committee.

  2. Staff membership is available to ex members of Conway’s Wardroom or Common Room who served for at least two years.

  3. Associate membership is open to Conway Cadets completing a course of training sponsored by HMS Conway’s successor, the Conway MN Trust. It is also available to individuals with a strong association with HMS Conway or who have been awarded seafaring educational grants by the Conway Club or others in the name of HMS Conway and have subsequently served at sea.

  4. Honorary membership may be conferred on any individual with a long association with HMS Conway or the Conway Club.

  5. Click Club Application Form2.pdf to download the application form.  Application should be made to the Club’s Honorary Secretary using the Contact Us link above. Make your payment by choosing your options here.

    Honorary Members do not pay subscriptions.

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