GDPR Policy

The Committee of the Club have a Legitimate Interest in holding members information. The Purpose that we hold this information is to inform the members about the Club’s AGM/Dinner, to receive the Cadet and any other relevant information for the good running of the Club and its members.

Members expect to receive this as part of joining the Club throughout their lifetime. Consequently, under the Guide lines we will not be asking members to Opt In; however any member who is unhappy about the Club holding this information must ask to Opt Out.

One person (The Controller) controls the Membership List i.e. The Hon Secretary. Committee Members have access to the list on a ‘’read only’’ basis.

The Conway Club Data Protection Policy is:-

  1. All Committee members are aware of their responsibilities in maintaining the security of the membership list and are required to confirm, in writing, that they will comply with those responsibilities.
  2. The membership list will not be released in part or in full to any Member of the Club without the express consent of the Committee. This consent will only normally be given for the purpose of maintaining contact with Club members and advising members of Club events.
  3. The membership list will not be released in part or in full to anyone outside the membership of the Club and this will include the Branches, The HMS Conway Trust, The HMS Conway Merchant Navy Trust and the Friends of Conway.
  4. Requests for contact details of a member, from another member, will all be referred to an appointed Committee Member, who will ensure that no member’s information is passed to another without that member’s specific consent.
  5. As each member is a Life Member in normal circumstances their name would only be removed from the Membership List when they ‘’Cross the Bar.’’ However, if a Member is unhappy with the Club’s policy on the security of their contact details they must advise in writing or e-mail The Hon Secretary, and their name will be removed from the Membership List. This would mean a member would no longer receive The Cadet.
  6. Any New Member joining the Club will be asked to sign that they accept these conditions.

The Policy has been produced following the guidance from the Data Protection Network (version 2 06-04-2018) which is a working guide to the Law.